Digital Pick and Mix - FREE one-day event

A day of workshops, sessions and keynotes with some of the UK’s best digital practitioners

Date: 17th November

Venue: The Studio, Birmingham



In November we will be holding our first ever Digital Pick and Mix event.

The West Midlands, alongside Northern Ireland, North East England and Yorkshire, offers the least amount of opportunities across the UK for young people to engage in digital making. Yet over 80 percent of the ten million school age children and young people in the UK are interested in digital making.

But what does digital really mean? How can organisations develop their digital offer and practice beyond social media to enhance their creative and cultural output? How can organisations use digital-based content to drive new audiences and engage young people?

Digital Pick and Mix is a day of practical sessions in which people can explore and unearth the creative, artistic and technological practices being used by the creative, cultural and commercial sectors. Individuals can select a ‘pick and mix’ of sessions they want to attend and focus on either one area of content creation or explore a wide range of practices.  This practical day will enable you to get hands on and find out more about creating apps, Augmented Reality, 360 video, prototyping, video and sound installation, vlogging and the digital playground many young people are living in today.

The day is free and open to organisations from the Creative and Cultural sector as well as individual practitioners and artists. Find out more about the day’s programme and book your place here