Arts Connect

Arts Connect and Birmingham Education Partnerships are delighted to present their focused CPD: How to develop your role, and improve skills, progression and quality as part of school improvement in and through the Arts

This is a FREE seminar and workshop for Primary Teachers. 

Aim of the Day: exploring the role of the Lead Arts Coordinator and how it can strengthen Arts provision, whilst also supporting school improvement.

The event will be focusing on the different elements linked to the role of a Lead Arts Coordinator such as:

  • Auditing provision.
  • Project planning.
  • Developing policy.
  • Building frameworks within a school to support school development.
  • Commissioning Artists.
  • Staff CPD in the Arts and ways to track pupils’ skills progression in the Arts.

We will also be looking at how Artsmark and Arts Award can be used to maximum effect to further strengthen a schools Arts and Cultural provision and contribute to a broad and balanced curriculum. Links will be made with the new draft Ofsted Framework (2019) and the issues around ensuring curriculum balance and Cultural Capital. The Workshop will be led by experienced, practising Primary Teachers who are successfully delivering in all key areas linked to the role of the Lead Arts Coordinator. The day will provide practical action planning



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