Planning for Work with Formal Education

This is a course for arts & cultural organisations and individuals who are interested in developing an approach to working with schools that makes the most of what you offer in terms of arts and cultural activities and the resources you have to promote your work to teachers.

Whether you offer a one off cultural experience, a residency or a project this course will save you time and resources in supporting you to plan your work in a strategic way that meets the needs of teachers and children and helps you build more satisfying and fruitful relationships and partnerships with the formal education sector.

We are offering an opportunity to work alongside experts in the ever changing field of education, a Head Teacher, and arts & cultural organisations with a track record of success in developing long and deeply rewarding partnerships with schools.

“I found the Planning for Formal Education course extremely useful. I learned how I could better tailor our company’s offer and discovered the many challenges schools face. I recommend this programme to anyone who is serious about working with schools in a meaningful way.”
Rebbecca Hemmings
Strawberry Words Ltd


We are bringing together a wide group of specialists to provide:

  • high quality, reliable and up to date information about the education sector
  • knowledge and understanding of strategic planning and how it can help you be more effective

You will:

  • understand more about the context for working with schools in multi academy chains, teaching schools and local authority schools
  • know more about how Arts Award and Artsmark can enhance your offer to schools
  • learn how to shape your offer to the needs of schools giving you a greater chance of building on going partnership work

This course will help you develop a plan for action that is bespoke to your organisation and includes new ideas to address some of the common challenges.

The course is approx. 5 days in total. If you are an individual artist or a sole trader working in arts and culture you will be able to apply for our training bursary of £50 per day.

The 2018/19 course dates are as follows and will take place at Midlands Arts Centre (MAC):

· 18 September – 10.00am – 16.30pm

· 18 October – 10.00am – 16.30pm

· 14 November – 10.00am – 16.30pm

· 11 December and 12th December
(these are action learning meetings, so there will only be one meeting for each participant but over 2 days) 10.00am – 3.30pm

· 24 January 2019 10.00am – 16.30pm

We have 25 places and they will fill up quickly so if you are interested in booking a place please contact Susan Goodwin as soon as possible.