Arts Connect’s region-wide Film and Digital Programme seeks new and existing opportunities for young people in film and digital. Working with key film agencies, film centres and organisations we aim to join up thinking and ensure the region offers strong, relevant and exciting opportunities for young people.


Film Network

The Film Network connects independent cinemas, festivals and film organisations across the West Midlands. Working as a consortium, the network explores and develops a range of regional and national initiatives to support and engage children and young people in cinemas, screening spaces and film. Audience development plays a vital part in the network’s portfolio, ensuring the film offer in the region is exciting, broad, relevant and inspiring to young people.

Film and Television Careers Event

The Film Network have identified a lack of knowledge around the opportunities, careers and ways in to the industry for young people here in the West Midlands.

To begin to address this need, the Network are programming a Careers Fair which aims to provide 14-19 year olds with information on how to get into the industry, where you can train or get qualifications and a chance to meet industry professionals.

The event will take place on 1 February 2018. You can find more details and book here.

BFI Film Academies

Are you 16-19? Passionate about film? Want a career in the film industry? Then the BFI Film Academy – UK Network Programme is for you. This exciting programme offers hands-on filmmaking courses, aimed at developing your knowledge and skills and encouraging your special interests. There are three different BFI Academies in the West Midlands, to find out more go to:


Random Acts

Random Acts is a major three-year Arts Council England/Channel 4 project that supports young artists between the ages of 16-24. Rural Media, in Hereford, run the midlands Random Acts centre. Further information can be found here.


Arts Connect have a separate website which covers all areas of our Digital Programme, you can find it here.


Digital Network

In 2018, a new Digital Network will be formed to share good practice, opportunities and to help shape the future of the Digital Programme. If you are interested in joining this network please email, Rebecca Hardy, Film and Digital Programme developer.