We aim that that by 2021:

1: Learning professionals in formal and informal education sectors value and engage with arts and cultural learning by:

  • Providing a universal support and information offer for schools and the wider education sector.
  • Targeting interventions in priority places to develop learning professionals as leaders and advocates of arts and culture.
  • Providing a school improvement programme through established school networks to develop teachers, children and governors as leaders in the arts and cultural education.
  • Running the Artsmark school improvement programme for learning professionals.

2: The cultural sector is capable and ambitious in providing high quality arts and cultural experiences by, for and with children and young people by providing:

  • A professional development programme for arts and culture professionals in learning and participation.
  • Targeted interventions to increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of the workforce in the potential of digital, other specific areas and specialist art form networks.
  • A leadership development programme for the cultural sector.
  • The cultural and education sectors with actionable data and intelligence to increase the level of engagement and quality of cultural experience for young people.

3: Cross sector partnerships are delivering improved cultural opportunities for children and young people by:

  • Providing support, targeted interventions and investment into Local Cultural Education Partnerships in response to identified needs and priorities.
  • Building a culture and practice of learning and knowledge development within and between LCEPs.
  • Developing new partnerships and attracting investment into LCEPs with a focus on non-arts funders.
  • Developing partnerships with the country wide ‘Bridge’ network and strategic regional and national partners to attract resources and investment into the region.

4: Arts Connect is recognised by the education and cultural sectors as the ‘go to’ place for arts and cultural education support and development by:

  • Increasing awareness of the brand and our offer to learning settings and arts and cultural sector professionals and organisations working in cultural education.
  • Developing our digital presence and use of social media platforms to significantly increase our followers and users.
  • Promoting and celebrating the achievements of young people and organisations in the region and making more visible the opportunities for young people.

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