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Discover has been a great way to engage young people over lockdown. The first thing it gets young people to do is identify art forms around them. Initially the young people I worked with online found this difficult – “I’m stuck in my house – where can I find art, apart from a couple of paintings on the wall?!”, when actually their house is full of art and the work of artists. It really opened their eyes to see that pretty much everything around them had particular art forms involved – from their house architecture to the design of their sofa, the cartoon on their cereal box to their favourite Anime.

We’ve been running a lot of online gaming sessions with young people over lockdown, and it’s been great to explore the amount of art forms involved in video game creation – concept artists, art directors, background artists, character designers, mixing engineers, music producers, animators, cinematographers, foley artists etc. It opened their eyes that video games were a possible and viable future career pathway in the arts, and the industry keeps growing!

We’ve used YouTube as a prime source of learning resources – High profile animators, artists, music producers and more – all run free tutorials and courses on the platform. These guy have worked on projects for companies such as Dreamworks, Marvel, DC, Disney, and more!

We’ve also been able to share free online resources – from free and professional drawing and animation software like Sketchbook Pro, to free music production software. We’ve also provided links to read free (and legal!) comic books, graphic novels, and Manga online to inspire their own creative adventures.

Overall it’s been great showing young people how much art affects their everyday lives, and the sheer amount of resources, information and guidance they have at a tap of a finger.

Karac Bolding, Salvation Army, Aston