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As a childminder I always use creativity to help the children that I work with to learn, grow and have fun. I found out about Arts Award Discover at Home through Twinkl and Children’s Art Week and thought it was a great idea. The Discover at Home programme appealed to me as it was online so I could easily access it from home.

Great new ideas for projects which can be tricky to find when you have been minding the same children since they were 8 months old and Children’s Art week and Arts Award Discover at Home got mine and the children’s artistic juices following which lead to great new ideas. At the moment because circumstances I am working with children from the ages of 3 to 9 so it can be tricky to organise them and interest them in the same activities.

Our theme for July was the beach/holidays and I tailored our Children’s Arts Week topic to fit really well to Arts Award Discover at Home structure.

Our Children’s Art Week project- ‘Natural World’- We looked at an under the sea theme, we watched Finding Nemo and looked at the Coral Reef. We created movement and dance like the Coral Reef and then brain stormed what it might look and feel like. We then produced a piece of art inspired by Henri Matisse of the Coral Reef. The children loved working out how to make their picture bright and 3D.

‘Across the Generations’– We made postcards to send to a person that we hadn’t seen for a while E.G. grandparents, friends etc. Some of the children did not know what a postcard was, so we looked at lots of different designs Most of the children drew a holiday memory. Grandparents were very chuffed to receive them!

We also looked at creative writing linked to different forms of art, dance, plays, songs and stories. The children in my setting love the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ so we turned it into a play. We made masks for the characters and the children ever talked about changing characters and really explored what goes into completing a production.

Our Children’s’ Art Week inspired the children to want to explore art more. The other thing it did is get the children talking not just about art or what they were doing just chatting. But best of all we had fun and did a lot of laughing and working together.


Nicola Durber