The arts and cultural sector in the West Midlands is ambitious, dynamic and vibrant in its creative and inclusive approach to providing learning and engagement opportunities for children and young people from all backgrounds and abilities.

Arts Connect believes that the creative work of the arts and cultural organisations and individuals who make up the cultural ecology of the West Midlands is integral to the mission of our organisation.

We have links with all of the Arts Council’s National Portfolio Organisations (NPOs) and Major Partner Museums (MPMs) in the region as well as heritage sites, archives, libraries, museums, film organisations, Music Education Hubs, and artists and arts organisations who are not NPOs.

Our approach includes a focus on the development of leadership for individuals and organisations engaged in work for children and young people, to support the development of high quality work and to support the sustainability of the sector. In order to achieve this we build strong collaborations and partnerships and provide advice, broker new partnerships and opportunities, develop networks of support and investment. We achieve this through a number of ways, including our Partnership Investment programme.

Following an in depth consultation exercise through a survey of the cultural sector in 2015, Susan Goodwin, our Associate Director for Cultural Sector Partnerships, will be developing and delivering a programme of support in line with the key priorities for the sector which are leadership, measuring the impact and outcomes of learning and engagement programmes, working with the formal education sector, delivering Arts Award and Arts Mark and the use of digital technologies. A series of professional development courses, seminars workshops and conferences will bring high quality experts together with arts and cultural individuals and organisations to support the growth and sustainability of the sector.

You can read more about some of our work with the Cultural Sector here or, to find out more about working with Arts Connect and the support we offer, please contact us.
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