How to integrate a culture of evaluation into your creative practice programme

What will this course do for you?

The purpose of this programme is to help arts and cultural organisations and individual practitioners to:

  • Develop skills in the creation of evaluation frameworks and plans and the practice of creative and reflective evaluation.
  • Embed a culture of audience-focused evaluation in your organisations and in creative practice.
  • Reflect on the findings from the Arts Connect Young People’s Cultural Journeys Report 2018 research, what this means for your work in connecting with and engaging young people through your communications.

What happens during the course?

During the four day course participants will gain insights into the benefits of being an audience-focused organisation, how a culture of evaluation is critical to achieving this and the importance of this being embraced by the leaders of the organisation. You will receive:

  • Tools for exploring and developing the culture of evaluation at all levels in their organisation and practice.
  • Training in strategic planning and in creative and reflective evaluation.
  • Inspiring and relevant examples of current creative and effective evaluation practice for a range of different art-forms and different scale of organisations.
  • Support for developing an evaluation framework and implementation plan for your own organisation.
  • Support for exploring how the organisation’s offer for and communications with young people reflects the key findings from the research Young Cultural Journeys Report 2018 and how it sits within their overall vision and strategy, i.e. is there a meaningful focus on young people.

What does the programme require from you?

Participants on this programme need to commit to attending all training days and undertake the practical work between the training days.

Dates and venue

Tuesday 9 April 2019
Tuesday 30 April 2019
Tuesday 21 May 2019
Tuesday 11 June 2019 (if  4 days are offered)

Venue and times to be confirmed but the course will take place in central Birmingham.

Cost and the application process

The course is free, but you must be working in the West Midlands to qualify for this.

Places will be available for West Midlands-based arts and cultural organisations on a first come first served basis. We will offer one place per organisation and within your organisation you must be working in or supporting the work of learning and participation. The places are not open to people on internships or apprenticeships.

Get in touch

Please contact Susan Goodwin our Associate Director, Cultural Sector Partnerships, if you are interested in applying or need further information or details about the course.