Who is this programme for?

Cultural Leaders – do you want to be a confident, influential, inclusive and resilient cultural leader with effective and diverse partnerships and networks that deliver ambitious high quality arts and cultural experiences for communities?

You will be an arts and culture professional in the UK who is either active as a leader in your field or aspiring to be so. You need to have a minimum of 2 years experience of working in the cultural sector.

What will this programme do for you?

Arts Connect’s Cultural Leadership Programme – Leadership Through influence a post graduate level programme will support you to develop personal leadership and organisational effectiveness. You will develop and deepen self-awareness and awareness of others to build productive relationships and increase your connections.

You will grow your leadership with confidence in your agency in this time of uncertainty and complexity and build your resourcefulness as a leader, keeping your leadership practice energised in challenging times.

How we define leadership

In the arts and cultural sector, in common with other areas of work, people with all levels of experience lead in different ways, we define leaders as people who:

  • Influence the direction of the work they and others provide for children and young people
  • Create ideas and motivate others to join in and commit to their project
  • Devise learning programmes for children and young people
  • Manage teams of workshop leaders and artists
  • Manage freelance staff
  • Develop relationships with partner organisations to achieve common aims
  • Develop and manage relationships with funding organisations and sponsors

The programme breakdown

The core leadership programme consists of 4 sessions

13th January 2022 Session 1 

  • Developing a stronger sense of your own leadership; the values that drive your practice; and a deeper understanding of your personality preferences reflected in your leadership behaviours.

14th January 2022 Session 2

  • Understanding your strengths and development needs for influencing others with greater impact and success. Experiential learning through applying your insights and opportunities to practice influencing peers and partners.

10th February 2022 Session 3 – Political skills Understanding the political context and relationships

  • Exploring the changing external environment and impact on your leadership. You will hear from leaders in the sector and how they navigate complex changes through partnerships and networks. You will reflect on your collaborative and political skills as you consider the project teams and partnerships you are involved with in your work.

9th March 2022 Session 4

  • Managing change is a key skill for leaders in the system and the sector. Exploring your own responses to change as well as learning about how to lead and support change will enable you to gain more confidence and develop your resilience and that of others in your team and projects.

Dates and Venue

The first course takes place over 4 days from January to March 2022:

13th January

14th January

10th February

9th March

Where – University of Wolverhampton

Cost and the application process

Fee – £1100 payable in instalments. Deposit £200 plus 3 monthly instalments of £300
Application process

To apply you will need to complete our form which will ask you to tell us about:

1. Your interest in leadership development and your readiness now
2. How will you want to benefit from the programme
3. How will your organisation and/or people you work with will benefit

You will also need a statement of support from your line manager or, if working as an individual sole trader or in a small partnership, your referee. Your line manager or referee is someone who can tell us why you are ready for leadership development and how they can support you.

If you wish to discuss the programme or if you would like the application form please get in touch.

Get in touch

Please contact, Susan Goodwin, Associate Director Cultural Sector Partnerships if you are interested in applying or need further information or details.