Coventry Cultural Education Partnership


Lynsey Cullen:

Current Aims & Objectives

Coventry CEP aims to ensure that every child and young person in Coventry has the opportunity to experience cultural learning activities that enable them to flourish, thrive and be optimistic about their futures. We will work to ensure:

  • Coventry is an inclusive and fun cultural and creative city where children and young people are excited about engaging with their diverse and dynamic communities.
  • Talent (interests and passions) is recognised, developed, and supported from a young age to early careers in the cultural and creative industries and beyond.
  • Information is shared in a clear and targeted manner.
  • Impact is measured and understood and this information is used to inform future activities.
  • Formal and Informal education providers and the cultural sector work in partnership to provide appropriate cultural opportunities for young people.

So that more children and young people in Coventry are:

  • At the heart of cultural decision making; better able to navigate and influence their local cultural offer.
  • Able to participate in a range of quality cultural education activities in a variety of settings.
  • Aware of career and development opportunities.
  • Better able to navigate and influence their local cultural offer.
  • Able to access cultural provision locally and across the city.
  • Able to engage with cultural activity at school, with their families and friends, and in their communities.
  • Able to see themselves in the cultural offer and those who deliver it.

And so that we can see:

  • Cross sector Collaborations between artists, arts and cultural organisations, schools and communities to deliver targeted programmes based on needs assessments.
  • Young people and teachers better able to identify appropriate cultural offers as a result of better communication of offers.
  • Young people and educators are better able to commission and co-produce programmes of activity.
  • Cultural and educational organisations working and planning together at a strategic level, influencing policy and practice.

Current Activities

Following a series of city wide consultation events, the CCEP has now established 5 areas to work with. These topics will be explored in a series of Task & Finish Groups over the next academic year. They are:

  1. Culture takes pride of place: from the hyperlocal to city wide
    a. Working at neighbourhood/hyperlocal level
    b. Centralised positioning and messaging of cultural provision in the city.
  2. Creative Curriculum and Skills Development (Pedagogy).
  3. Culture building bridges in diversity and equality.
  4. Culture Underpinning Health Emotional and Health Development.
  5. Culture driving the economy Pipelines and Progression routes

In the next year, we also hope to achieve the following with support from Arts Connect:

  1. The creation of a communications network for schools to access the city’s cultural offer for their pupils – including the establishment of an Arts Ambassador for each school.
  2. Facilitation of youth discussion events – to make sure that young people’s voices are being heard across all task & finish priorities.
  3. A Tea Party / end of year conference – to celebrate the year’s achievements and kick start the agendas for the next year.

Organisations that are currently part of the LCEP

CEP Members

  • Arts Connect
  • Belgrade Theatre
  • Cannon Park Primary
  • Coventry City Council
  • Coventry College
  • Coventry Libraries
  • Coventry Music Hub
  • Coventry Secondary Head Teacher Partnership
  • Coventry University
  • Culture Coventry
  • CW10
  • Foxford Community School
  • Highly Sprung & F13
  • Open Theatre
  • Positive Foundation Youth Foundation
  • Sherbourne Fields School
  • Warwick Arts Centre