Wolverhampton Cultural Education Partnership


Chair – Vicky Price:


Current Aims & Objectives

Our LCEP is currently working towards hosting a two day festival for children and young people in the city of Wolverhampton during 2020. The purpose of the festival will be to celebrate the cultural production of Wolverhampton and the creative young people in the city and to increase opportunities for children and young people to showcase their work and celebrate success. We want to invest in the future of arts and culture by engaging children and young people at a young age to leave them with lasting memories that they will pass onto their children. The festival will promote the arts to young people but also show them what is possible. Young people will play a big part in decisions made regarding the festival as we want as much as their input as possible. We have made this decision from mapping done in 2016, where we found that young people wanted a festival that was influenced and designed by them.

Current Activities

Teachers Networking Events

We held our first Teachers Networking Event at the Grand Theatre in June 2018. It was a great success as an event like this had never been held before and provided a great opportunity for LCEP members and other local organisations to exhibit their work. This gave teachers from the local area a chance to see what was available for their students. It gave exhibitors the opportunity to interact with primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities that they previously hadn’t engaged with before. We plan to continue this event with the second of its kind taking place in 2019.

Organisations that are currently part of the LCEP

CEP Members

  • Arts Connect
  • Arena Theatre
  • Azaad Arts
  • Beatsabar Music Project
  • Black Country Touring
  • Central Youth Theatre
  • City of Wolverhampton College
  • Creative Black Country
  • Flexus Dance Collective
  • Light House
  • Newhampton Arts Centre
  • The Way Youth Zone
  • University of Wolverhampton
  • Wolverhampton Art Gallery
  • Wolverhampton Grand Theatre
  • Wolverhampton Library
  • Wolverhampton Music Service
  • Youth Organisations Wolverhampton